Why Use A Travel Specialist?

While all the photographs of the resorts are beautiful, what you can’t tell from mere pictures is how well the resort is maintained, the quality of the staff and service, and the general atmosphere of the resort.  How do you know if the resort it is right for you?  Perhaps you love to shop, but you are nowhere near the local markets.  Maybe you want to focus on relaxation, but the resort specializes in nightlife.  What if you want to sample the local cuisine, but the resort is all-inclusive and off the beaten path?  These are the kind of insights a Blissful Vacations Travel Specialist can provide.

The Best Value for Your Travel Dollar.
We research a wide variety of travel suppliers, shopping for the best value. We let you know about special promotions; and can advise you on the quality of a particular product.

Convenient One-Stop Shopping.
We’ll save you time and money by handling every aspect of your trip, from air tickets, transfers, car rentals, lodging to excursions.

Customer Advocate. Experience a problem during your trip?
We go to bat for you to insure that the issue is appropriately resolved whether it is before, during or after travel.

Professional Guidance. The travel industry can be quite complicated and overwhelming.
We help you decipher the information and make sure you are adequately informed and prepared.

Personalized Service. We will take the time to understand your travel needs and expectations.
We have been to the destinations we are recommending to you and have built relationships with the resort personnel and travel suppliers we are booking you through. We can offer you first-hand information including our personal photos and insights of a destination.

Unbiased Information.
Our travel suppliers work for us and you, not the other way around.

We’re not some anonymous website or long distance number. We’re a local business in the same community. We are here when you need to reach us.

Common Misunderstanding

It Costs More to Use a Travel Agent.
Not the case at all, even though consumers have access to a multitude of “lowest price” sites. We all know cheapest is not always best. The travel agent looks for a quality product, with preferred, reputable travel wholesalers that we have negotiated with to provide competitive pricing and/or upgraded values. You don’t pay more for the same product when you use a travel agent; you get quality and value, plus the added bonus of services a good agent can provide!

Travel Specialist Charge a Fee for Their Services.
We do not charge additional fees for planning vacations. We are compensated for our time and services from the travel wholesalers that we purchase our products through. This fee is already incorporated into the pricing and is NOT an additional charge regardless if you purchase it yourself online, except now you have the services of Travel Specialist. So why not have a professional assist you and do the legwork for you. When you book online they keep the money, give little service and you do all the work.

Travel Specialist Do Not have My Best Interest in Mind, They Just Want to Make a Sale.
Travel Specialist, like anyone else try to earn a living, this much is true. Choosing a career as a travel agent isn’t a decision made out of a love for money. A good agent does what is best for their client even if it’s advising them against an option that would better benefit the agent financially. We know our clients have other choices, and while every industry has their unethical players, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and integrity; repeat business and referrals are crucial to our service oriented industry.