Travel Apps

Work those apps! Here are a few apps the make travel easier.

Flight View gives real-time updates on delays and baggage return numbers.

Gate Guru estimates the time you’ll spend in security.

TripIt keeps all the essential info from your trip in one place.

Find My Friends let you share your location with any contact so they know where you are without having to call of text.

Splitwise is an organization tool the lets you calculate everyone’s share of meals, hotel stays, tickets and more.

Canceled flight? Expedite the rebooking process by calling the airline’s customer service department while in line at the airport. It’s like cutting in line without being yelled at.

Traveling by car? There’s an app for that. iExit will alert you to all the services available at US Highway exits, and GasBuddy lets you know where the cheapest gas is.

Learn phrases for your next trip abroad.

Visit for a map of island-inspired bars and restaurants, each graded on drink quality, atmosphere, and essential “tikiness”.